Christy’s Testimony

How many times have you tried and failed at something? How did you react to that? We all know that it is not easy to

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Patasha’s Testimony

Do you ever feel that even though you have a lot of good qualities, other people might not see them? Everyone has their own insecurities

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Rebecca’s Testimony

We all have moments of self-doubt, laziness, or procrastination, but none of that will get us anywhere if we don’t take action on the things

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Michael’s Testimony

It’s not always easy to keep going when things get tough. Sometimes it feels like you’re never making any progress or that there is no

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Maribel’s Testimony

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and felt like your reflection was a true representation of who you are? Did you

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Quality Vs. Quantity

We have all heard the stories about people eating fast food and still losing weight. Yes, that’s true, but what about quality of those calories?​We

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The Crazy 72 Year Old Man!

One thing you will hear us speaking about more is maximizing your life. The truth is I personally had been focusing on aesthetics/physical looks for

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Boat and Anchor

What the heck are you talking about David?! You aren’t making any sense. Well I have been thinking about how to word what it is

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