6 Week Partner Nutrition Challenge, Kansas City, Parkville Northland KC

6 Week Partner Nutrition Challenge!

Challenges are all the rage now a days in the fitness world. You have probably seen multiple ads pop up on social media all year round and especially now that it is the new year. The truth is challenges work. We as humans tend to due well with start and stop dates. We also like focusing on short time periods to achieve goals. Our minds can wrap out head around 6 weeks and it doesn’t feel like forever. This is why we are putting on this 6 week challenge. The hardest part for most people is to just start. They need some type of motivation to begin the process of change. We have decided to actually make this a partner challenge as well. People will have a friend that they will team up with to add some extra and fun accountability outside of the Maximize Life Fitness And Nutrition team. The time is set perfectly so that the challenge ends right before spring break! It will give people a chance to get beach vacation ready!! This challenge will help motivate you to get going in the right direction. We will hand out a meal plan that includes 28 days with 5 meals each day. That is a total of 140 recipes you can now use to help you reach your goals! Since this will be a partner challenge, you will hold each other accountable during the 6 weeks. On top of that you will have Becky, our dietitian, also in your corner! This is an equation for success!

Below is important information as well as a link to sign up for the challenge!

Start Date: February 3rd

End Date: March 14th

Nutrition Kick Off Seminar Date: February 1st

Initial Measurements: January 27th to February 1st

Link to sign up:



If you are interested in more of an in depth or customized plan, then you can always have a conversation with one of out personal trainers. You can also set up a time to talk with our dietitian Becky about being coached for nutrition individually! Use this link to set up a time for these options!

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