Rebecca’s Testimony

We all have moments of self-doubt, laziness, or procrastination, but none of that will get us anywhere if we don’t take action on the things that are important to us in life, whether they are health goals or career ambitions. So it’s time for us to stop making excuses about why we haven’t started taking care of ourselves because life isn’t always going to wait around for us.

And that’s why Rebecca Hopkins decided to start the Maximize Life Fitness and Nutrition program because, as a former athlete who enjoys being active, she was struggling to find herself when she began to fall into the mindset of “I’ll start tomorrow.”  She was not the type of person who started something and stayed committed to it, which is what drove her to start this program to better herself. She was also struggling with her diet daily, having no idea what she’s supposed to be eating or how she’s supposed to be eating.

However, with the help of this program, she began to rebuild herself, removing the negative mindset that she didn’t enjoy. She’s reclaiming her energy, her personality, and resurrecting the driven parts of herself that she felt had slipped away over the last few years. At the end of the day, she believes it was the most significant change she has seen in herself, not the scale, not the clothing size changes, but seeing the difference in her daily routine. As a result, she’s not quite where she wants to be today, but she’s thrilled with how far she’s come in the two months she’s been on this journey.

It’s important to take a minute and honor how far you’ve come. If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated with your progress in this area of your life, remember that if you can make one small change at a time, even if the changes seem insignificant on their own, you will eventually see results when they accumulate over time. So today, let’s celebrate what we have accomplished so far!

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