Boat and Anchor

What the heck are you talking about David?! You aren’t making any sense. Well I have been thinking about how to word what it is we do and why we do it!  Picture this, you are on a boat and you have been driving around all day. You notice it’s slower than normal and it’s steering seems off. Something just doesn’t seem right? The engine sounds like its running harder than normal as well.

You shut it down and start to inspect everything. Everything looks pretty normal. The engine doesn’t seem to have any issues, the electronics seem to be working well. What in the world is it?! Finally, you notice you left the anchor down! It’s been dragging this whole time! What a silly mistake!

Well, that is what most people are having happen in life with their health. They go to the doctors and the numbers seem ok. Nothing to worry too much about. They do not feel like their weight is too high to be concerned about at the moment. BUT something is off! They feel sluggish and tired in the mornings. Being tired turns you into a grouch. They need caffeine to get their day going. The day seems to drag on and their whole goal is to get home so they can relax. This causes people to be not in the best mood. Being tired also makes you less productive.

Being less productive causes you to get behind on work. You carry that stress and mood home without evening knowing it. Your significant others, family and friend will take the blunt of that whether you know it or not.

Your strength and endurance is low. This makes it hard to genuinely enjoy your favorite hobbies/ activities you use to! Maybe you love tennis or basketball (really anything you love doing). In your current condition you don’t have the energy or strength to. You worry you are going to get injured. So you just don’t do it. Maybe your confidence is low, this keeps you from trying new things you really want to do. You are literally missing out on life because of the hidden anchor. That’s where we come in. We want you to get the most you can out of life. We want to help you get rid of that anchor and really start moving! Life doesn’t wait for anyone. Time is something you can never get back. It’s time to start the process of maximizing your health so you can maximize your life!  

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