The Crazy 72 Year Old Man!

One thing you will hear us speaking about more is maximizing your life. The truth is I personally had been focusing on aesthetics/physical looks for a long time. This summer I really took time to think about what am I working out and eating right for? What am I gaining from this?

A few things came to my mind. One was a little story I heard a while back, a guy named Jesse Itzler and the other was a random video I saw on Facebook. The story was about an older person who lived in an assistant living home. He was on his death bed and the nurse was speaking with him. She asked him what were some of his regrets. Now he had quite a few things to say, but none of it was wishing he hadn’t done something. Hit regrets were all focused on how he wished he would have done more. This hit me pretty hard.

Following that, I hear a guy named Jesse Itzler speak. He has a program called ‘Build Your Life Resume’. You may have heard of his book called ‘Living With A Seal’. Basically he invites this bad mamajama Navy Seal to live with him for 30 days. The seal’s name is David Goggins and he puts Jesse though some pretty tough physical and mental training.  

Jesse’s philosophy is to work hard but also make sure you are enjoying life. He states his goal is to do more of the things he loves with the people he loves doing them with. He talks about how we shouldn’t look at how many years we have left. We should look at how many experiences we have left. He thinks that every 8 weeks you should do something that will create an awesome experience to remember. That is about 6 times per year. With his age of 52, if he lives to 80, that is only 162 experiences he has left in his life. If he lives till 72, it drops down to 120 experiences left. When put in that perspective, we have to get the most we can out of the time we have here on earth.

One of the main things he talks about is making sure his health is on point. His health is the foundation that lets him build the life he wants and enjoy the experiences he has left. That struck a cord with me. I am 35, so if I die at the age of 80, I have 270 experiences left. ONLY 270!!! That is if I am in great health up until the day I die.

What about the Facebook video you talked about earlier?! Well, one day I saw a 72 year old jump off a cliff into the river. He laughed on the way down. I smiled and said I want that to be me. THEN he climbs a tree on the cliff and does it again! I WANT THAT! I want to be able to do whatever I want my WHOLE LIFE up until I die. I want all the experiences! I never want my health to hinder my life one bit. I want to be on my death bed saying I can’t believe did all those crazy things with a smile on my face!

What do you want to have on your life resume?!

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