Quality Vs. Quantity

We have all heard the stories about people eating fast food and still losing weight. Yes, that’s true, but what about quality of those calories?​We have to focus on our caloric intake, but the quality of the foods we eat determine how we feel and the health of our internal systems. Everything from your sex hormones to thyroid and gut. ​What you put into your body provides the building blocks for your internal health and quality of life. If you eat junk, you’ll basically create a body composed of junk. ​

Think about building a house, if you use cheap materials, do you think you’ll be able to build a strong, sturdy house?​Not likely.​The same goes for your body. If you consume a lot of low-quality, processed foods, you’ll build dysfunctional cells which will lead to a dysfunctional body.

​The moment you realize that a large part of your health are byproducts of your food consumption, you can begin to appreciate the powerful effect food has on your health and wellbeing. ​This doesn’t mean you should never have some fries or dessert, it simply just means that a VERY large percentage of your food sources should come either from the ground or killed.

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