Nutrition Myths With Kansas City Personal Trainer David Oquendo 08-04-16


Today I’m going to talk about ways to keep yourself fuller, or feeling full when you’re on a diet.

Feeling full when you’re on a diet can be one of the biggest issues with trying to lose weight. You want to feel full enough when you’re dieting so that you’re not constantly snacking and constantly hungry and ruin your diet. I want to give you some tips that I use, that my clients use. Nothing crazy, just simple examples.


#1 – Add more protein to your diet.

A great way to help you decrease your hunger is to increase your protein. By increasing protein you will feel fuller the majority of the time, and the more protein you have, the fuller you’ll feel. Having it multiple times a day, 4 or 5 times a day, will keep you feeling fuller longer as it takes longer to digest than other nutrients.

I really like to add protein before I go out to eat so I don’t eat as much.  It’s a big problem with going out to eat. Most people overeat quite easily when they go out to eat, and it’s usually food that’s loaded with calories – so you get there, it smells good, you’re starving, you order an appetizer, and you’re hitting well over your calorie intake, really fast. So that’s one easy way to do it – just eating some protein before you go out to eat.


#2 – Increase your intake of fiber-rich foods.

Veggies, beans…the more fiber you have in your stomach, the fuller you will feel. If you are consistently having veggies all day long, they will sit in your stomach and longer to digest, it kind of helps you feel full. Try adding fiber to a meal:  let’s say you have 6 ounces of chicken, a cup of rice – add a massive salad to go with it and you’re going to feel full. Salad is a good add-in at dinner time when you’re really hungry. But again, don’t load it with salad dressing. If you’re getting a salad dressing with 120 calories per serving (and most people do 3 servings), it defeats the purpose of keeping the calorie count down, by adding a high calorie salad dressing to a low calorie salad.

Even though you eat veggies be careful what you put on them, how you cook them and how you make them. If you cook them in coconut oil or olive oil you have to account for the fat that is going to add. Just be careful when you’re doing that. I like to not cook my food because it doesn’t take all the water out. It’s a lot harder to eat a piece of uncooked broccoli than it is to eat a piece of cooked broccoli. But I like to eat mine raw because it makes me feel fuller. I don’t sauté spinach because it drops so much. If you like to cook your veggies just realize that they will be easier to eat but they won’t keep you as full, and make sure you are not cooking them in a ton of oil or butter.


#3 – Try not to drink your calories

Make sure the majority of calories you are taking in are from eating. It’s really easy to drink your calories – for example, just go to Starbucks, order a latte and it’s 450 calories, and you’ll gulp it down, no problem. Now, 450 calories to a 1500 calorie diet is quite big. You are already consuming way more calories than you thought you were just by having a cup of coffee in the morning. So try your best not to drink your calories because it’s too easy to waste calories this way. When you’re eating, take your time chewing and swallowing, and don’t waste your time on drinking calories that won’t give you any satisfaction.


#4 ­ – Drink Lots of Water

It’s not that you need a gallon a day to stay hydrated, it just depends on your body size as to how much you have to drink. But – if you’re constantly sipping on water throughout the day, you always have something in your stomach and it’s going to decrease your hunger. Your body will activate feelings of hunger when you are actually only thirsty, so keeping hydrated will prevent that. Overdrinking water probably won’t happen if you keep to a gallon a day or under. Curbing that hunger pains

OK, time for your questions !

“Any different between organic coconut oil and regular?”

Truthfully there’s not enough difference for me to buy one instead of the other. There’s just not enough research to prove anything for me, especially since coconut is surrounded by a hard shell so for it to soak up a lot of pesticides would be harder, than let’s say a veggie.


“What are your thoughts on coconut water for staying hydrated? “

It’s not a big deal, it has a lot of vitamins, but you can get that from other things. You don’t have to do coconut water. Water is great and you have your electrolytes for working out. Coconut water wouldn’t be my go-to source and I wouldn’t buy it just because someone says it’s really good.


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