MURPH Challenge

Memorial Day Murph Challenge

Another Spring season has sprung and we’re excited to be the studio that provides personal training in Parkville and services all of Kansas City. This good weather can only mean one thing, and that’s a new opportunity to tackle the MURPH challenge this Memorial Day weekend.

What is the MURPH Challenge?

Originally started through CrossFit, the MURPH challenge has quickly become a Memorial Day tradition for fitness fanatics. This tough workout is definitely not for the faint-hearted, but with the right modifications and the proper training, be sure, you can take on the challenge.

Who was MURPH?

This particular workout was designed to honor and pay tribute to our fallen and was named after Navy Lt. Michael Murphy; a SEAL killed in Afghanistan in 2005. Originally from Patchogue, NY, this brave 29-year-old was awarded the Medal of Honor.

What does the MURPH Challenge Entail?

Let’s dive right in and break down this workout so you too can partake in this ever-growing annual tradition.

The MURPH challenge consists of:
– 1-mile run
– 100 pull-ups
– 200 pushups
– 300 squats
– 1-mile run

Those who specifically train for this event and those Elite Crossfit athletes will complete the challenge with a weighted vest on of at least 20-pounds if not more. Yes, those are some big numbers! And believe me, doing 100 pull-ups alone is hard enough, so doing them all at once, is near impossible for most of us. So break it out! You can break out the pull-ups, pushups, and squats any way you want, so turn them into a circuit.

Any of the following breakouts could work:
– 10 pull-ups
– 20 pushups
– 30 squats
and repeat for 10 rounds.

You can break it down even further if 10 pullups at a time is too much:
– 5 pull-ups
– 10 pushups
– 15 squats
and repeat for 20 rounds.

Feel free to give yourself some breaks in between! maybe go a few rounds and take a minute rest before you dive into the next set. This way you won’t get burned out too quickly, because after you’re done with that, you have another mile run to go.

Don’t get overwhelmed just yet, if you need a little extra help, know that there are always modifications! If you’re new to pull-ups still but want to complete the challenge nonetheless, use a resistance band like you did when you first got into strengthening your arms. Also, know that there is no shame in knee pushups, keep a good form, and you’ll be working your arms just the same, you’ll just get less of a core workout. There really isn’t a modification for squats or the run, so you’ll have to push through those.

Take your time with this challenge, and remember to always consult with your personal trainer and physician to make sure you’re able to safely perform a strenuous physical challenge such as the MURPH.

If you’re looking for personal training in Parkville to help guide you not only through the Memorial Day MURPH Challenge in Parkville but through your fitness journey as a whole, reach out to one of the trainers at Maximize Life Fitness And Nutrition where we offer personal training sessions and group fitness classes in the Northland to make sure you’re living your most healthy life.

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